Technology Company

The Client:

The Client is a Fortune 500 leading hardware brand and Technology Solutions Company.


As a part of sharing and technology initiative, this company deployed a portal for professionals who place a high value on technology that enables their lives, the portal is a rich source of news and analysis on technology, business, and gadget-geek culture. In the first month itself, they had million page views but something was bothering them. Quite often, the support team was spending sleepless nights due to issues in the portal, which was not letting additional users login due to high server load.

Solution Offered:

The Client has chosen Ta3s for evaluating the capacity of the application for its experience in effective performance engineering and reputation in executing performance-testing projects.

Our dedicated performance engineering team developed performance test scripts for critical business transactions and conducted initial tests on the system

The initial findings were presented to the client with clear indication of issues in system setup, configuration and tuning. Ta3s also provided parameters to change in web server, database and code to improve performance and system uptime. The team also presented worst performing methods to development team to improve application code and performance.

The Client implemented changes suggested and Ta3s conducted repeated test on the system to validate the improvements.


The Client is today having a smooth functioning application with better performance. The application today is able to take on additional load without problems.