DevOps Testing

DevOps integrates development & operations in the same cycle with emphasis on CIT, Continuous Testing & Continuous Delivery to improve quality while help reduces the time to deliver.

Starting from development to deployment, testing plays a critical part. Code coverage, Unit Testing, Sanity Tests, Functional Testing, Usability Testing and Performance testing not only need to be automated but also has to be implemented in multiple collaborated environments. Pre-testing system tasks need to be automated and aligned with continuous integration cycle.

The transition from Agile development to agile delivery using DevOps requires a practice focused on collaboration, automation & performance.

The Approach

Ta3s team has rich expertise in providing test services in the DevOps’ test cycle and able to architect the most robust frameworks and efficient solutions by leveraging existing test setup and processes. Ta3s helps organizations transform their development to production journey through customized continuous integration, continuous testing tools & technologies and achieve continuous quality delivery.

The Tools

Ta3s have expertise in executing test automation projects using both commercial and open source tools. Tools are selected based on clients requirements, future roadmaps and follow industry standards. A solution with the combination of selected tools is created to address customer requirements this providing superior quality. Ta3s provides test automation services for client server, web and mobile applications for platforms including windows, Linux and real mobile devices.

Ta3s Advantage

Working with Ta3s brings compelling business benefits due to the frameworks, tools and technology expertise.

  • Certified Test Automation Specialists With Expertise In diverse Frameworks & Methodologies
  • Tool Feasibility Study To Identify The Right Test Automation Tool
  • Test Automation Accelerators and Frameworks
  • High caliber experts and engineers
  • Identify, create and use of re-suable test assets to enhance productivity and faster delivery
  • Maintainable and reliable Automated Test Suites to conduct effective regression tests
  • Continuous integration support to aid in developing effective developer, build and test platform
  • Best practices and seamless knowledge transfer