Ta3s and its experts have developed customizable, robust and cost-effective open source test framework ready to help customers move from manual to automated testing. With years of experience and understanding of the market, the framework is developed based on best practices, adhering to industry standards, built using latest technology and methodology. The highly reliable and adaptive cost effective framework is suitable for most of our customer needs and can be customized based on domain and requirement. The framework supports any open source tools and can be used for test automation of Client Server, Web and Mobile application tests.

We have the testimony of using Ta3s Test Automation Framework, the foundation on which test automation is carried out, which is followed in regular product development life cycle provided outcomes like better bug-free deliverable, reduced maintenance cost, faster & quicker regression test cycle and increased ROI.

The Automation Framework


  • Faster Automation script development
  • Highly Maintainable
  • Robust
  • Reusable and repeatable
  • Modular
  • Developer Friendly
  • Integration with Developer Build Test Platforms & Sanity Testing
  • Continuous Integrated Test Capability

The Approach

  • Test automation feasibility study
  • Cost effective test tool recommendation based on technology, product development roadmap and efficiency
  • Customized test framework mock-up and proposal for approval
  • Implementation of automation framework
  • Test script and suite development
  • Test Maintenance

Ta3s Advantage

  • Cost effective framework built on open source tools focused on ROI and quality
  • Reliable and robust test automation framework
  • Reusable and easily maintainable components
  • Avoid redundancy thus improving productivity
  • Increases test automation coverage
  • Customizable and shorter learning curve