Performance Engineering

Ta3s offers performance engineering services to help its customers to build credibility, win business and trust through robust, scalable and highly optimized product delivery. We not only conduct stress testing, load testing, volume testing, endurance testing using commercial and open-source tools but also pinpoint issues in the product which helps in increased system performance, reduced response time and enhance limits of application thus meeting SLAs.

The Approach

We work very closely with our client’s architecture, design, development, systems, DBA and implementation teams to understand the specifications, requirements and outcomes. We carry out a detailed Performance Analysis by participating with the various teams. Our experts based on their subject matter experience look at various parameters including application, DB, system, OS and load to recommend changes to overcome performance bottlenecks and prepare system with optimum configurations before conducting tests to get the most from the targeted environment. We plan and develop load, volume and stress testing solutions to meet customer’s expectations; on budget and on time.



The Tools

Ta3s have expertise in executing performance-engineering projects using both commercial and open source tools. Tools are selected based on clients’ requirements, technical fitment and obligatory industry standards. A solution with combination of selected tools is created to address customer pain-points, producing expected results and thus meeting client’s expectations having a superior quality outcome. Ta3s provides performance engineering services for client server, web and mobile applications for platforms including windows, Linux and real mobile devices.



Ta3s Advantage

  • Find major application or database issues before go-live, deployment
  • Accelerates load testing time and reduces test & development churn
  • Provide detailed root cause analysis for rapid problem analysis and correction
  • Provide expert comments and data points to ensure system, transaction and users are in sync with infrastructure required
  • Benchmarking of systems, DBs, Networks & overall deployment infrastructure
  • Capacity Planning