eCommerce Service Offerings

eCommerce being the buzz-word around the globe, more and more start-ups are joining the online sell & purchase business leading to tougher competition amongst the eCommerce vendors (biggies, medium and small, all alike) to reach the customer with better pricing, stable platform, secure transaction and customer satisfaction. Often we see and hear that during the pick sale or during festivals, weekends and on special day the server crashes or it is pathetically slow. Added to that, a poor shopping cart design, complicated check-out process, many usability issues, confusing navigation, security & hacking issues, lack of payment options, transactions are not secure, etc., impacts Customer’s online shopping experience. This is very human; one such bad experience with deters the customer to come back to that site again.

With the availability of multiple devices and application support on those devices have made eCommerce world more challenging. Every eCommerce site can be invoked from multiple devises and we never know “which devise” the customer will use for their next purchase, will it be Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile and which OS?
It is hard to achieve all of them without spending substantial testing effort. Unfortunately, lack of expertise and not spending good amount of effort/budget for testing, companies move forward with their implementation; trends says, it hurts them immediately in terms of higher reliability, availability and scalability, etc.

To address issues with the eCommerce space, Ta3s e-commerce testing services are devised that will enable the enterprises and small/medium start-ups to manage their e-commerce traffic with higher reliability, availability and scalability, and ultimately enhances customer’s online shopping experience.

Some of the services included below:

  • Testing for Retail, B2B, B2C environment
  • Multi-device (Mobile, iPad, ect) and multi-OS (Android, iOS, Windows) testing
  • Shopping Cart & Checkout process Testing
  • Payment Gateways testing
  • Regular functional, integration and regressing testing
  • Performance and scalability testing
  • Security and Compliance testing
  • Accessibility and usability testing
  • Test Automation for faster and defect free deliveries