Gaming Testing

Interactive Game Testing Services

Interactive Gaming is gradually becoming one of the most popular and lucrative businesses. As Interactive Gaming is growing so is the demand for testing online games on the different platform. Companies need test how games are launched, how monetary transactions are managed by the games, how platforms behave, how Remote Game Server (RGS) responds and how game content interacts with gaming consoles, including testing of external (public) interfaces and the internal network. This is complimented with licensing, regulatory and compliance need by government’s regulating authorities. Gaming companies need to assure consumers that testing and approval of such products are committed to, and capable of, providing fair and safe betting and gaming.

Ta3s offers dedicated functionality, regulatory, compliance, automation and performance testing services for the Interactive Gaming industry. We have the game testing infrastructure and expertise to test online games on the different devices such as Smartphones, Tabs, Tablets and PCs with the different OS options. Our team has extensive experience in providing testing services for top gaming organizations. Our experience in executing testing services for high-quality games and content at reasonable cost and tight security and privacy measures at Ta3s make us an ideal games testing partner.

Ta3s Interactive Game Testing Expertise

Interactive Game testing at Ta3s is done in a controlled environment on a dedicated network that allows us to monitor individual transaction for remote players. This ensures complete security and flexibility to client testing requirements without compromising on the compliance and regulatory obligations. Cost-effective testing using a variety of licensed and open-source tools is our USP. We have excellent dedicated people empowered to end-to-end test and provide certification, solutions and recommendations.


Casino Game Testing Services

Casino gaming industry is highly regulated with numerous jurisdiction-specific guidelines and regulations. Unless the software/games intended for use on the casino floor is verified and certified for usage by the auditors, it cannot be deployed. This makes the life for product suppliers, system integrators and service providers more challenging. Ta3s has the necessary expertise, SMEs, domain knowledge, technical know-how and fair understanding of compliance needs imposed by various jurisdictions. Ta3s is equipped to deliver testing projects under such strict requirements.

At Ta3s, with our wide range of experience with testing Casino Gaming systems with dedicated and experienced manpower we strive to help Casino Floors to have optimally running systems. We help them with functional, integration, regression, automation and performance testing. Added to that, we also undertake compliance testing. We work along with various client teams to deliver the product. Since it’s a regulated world, the assignments are undertaken at the client site. Ta3s team work hand-in-hand in delivering these products.

Casino Game Testing Offerings

Ta3s has wide range of experience in testing Casino Gaming Systems, Slot Machine Games, Table Management Systems, Player Management Systems, and Casino Management Systems; with dedicated and experienced manpower we strive to help Casino Floor to have optimally running systems that help them to increase their bottom-line, make them profitable, manes floor-experience for players and visitors memorable, accounting and filing of taxes seamless and many other intangible and tangible benefits. We have proficiency and knowledge at length to test all of these systems with interfaces, integration, infrastructure and other minor details.

Slot Machine Game Testing

The main areas covered for Games testing are the following:

  • Functional testing – includes testing of correct game operation, system & game logs, testing of game interruptions etc.
  • Random Number Generator (RNG) Testing and Certification
  • Game rules validation – verify that gameplay corresponds to the rules of the game
  • Wagering and Return to Player (RTP) verification
  • Game Tournaments testing – Single player and Multiplayer
  • Verification of System Reports – performance reports for games, player reports, payout reports, etc

Table Games Testing

With the growing popularity of table games, Casino Gaming vendors are providing a mix of table games, interactive gaming, electronic table systems and innovative solutions to make the experience wide and interesting. Having a mix of the above means, eventually increases the profitability of client’s gaming operations and unlock their pit’s earning potential.

We test all kind of Table games including, Roulette, Poker, Shuffle, Baccarat, Blackjack and its variants, Craps, etc.

System Software Testing

Casino’s need array of system software to manage the floor, perform periodic accounting & audits, manager player and the offers (Patron loyalty programs, promotions, bonuses, engagement, freebies, etc), marketing, etc. Ta3s offers the below-mentioned services:

    • Floor Accounting: with floor data captured and used for operational, Analytics, accounting and reporting purpose
    • Floor and Player Analytics: solutions designed for management or operations to help analyze and act throughout your business to provide a total view of your business enterprise
    • Marketing: marketing for exciting player-centric gaming to build player loyalty, drive coin-in, strengthen player engagement, and provide added fun for casino patrons.
    • Media Management: For media management and systems integrations
    • Player-Tracking: to collect real-time player information and translate it to their bottom line for enabling the customer to manage their systems through Patron loyalty programs, Player extracts and analysis, group and promotion tracking, Single player cards, Multi-property support, hotel integration and sending direct emails
    • Casino Management: To manage all your regulatory and financial obligations

Why Ta3s

  • Domain knowledge and experience
  • Solid understanding of casino gaming standards and regulatory requirements
  • Skilled team with proficiency in latest technology and tools
  • Availability of high caliber experts and engineers
  • Customer specific customized test methodology and processes
  • Blending of commercial and open-source tools leading to low delivery cost
  • Best practices and seamless knowledge transfer
  • Use of open source tools assures better productivity and cost-saving