Smartphones are in vogue and mobile applications are fast becoming an integral part of our daily life, which was once solely exploited by enterprises.

The situation has become very complex, with the advancement of this combination, smart-apps running on smart-devices. Product or application is not meant for single vendor or OS but has to support the entire eco system, host platforms and devices across a wide range of devices. Nullifying the complexities, Ta3s’ expertise and its partnership with leading mobile cloud vendors, presents the ability to test products and apps on real devices, across different networks and Operating Systems.

Ta3sMobility is a test management and test execution system that gives our customer the ability to document requirements, test cases, test scenarios and execute it on real devices and register defects.

In its current version, Ta3sMobility is a platform that integrates Ta3sALM with our partner ecosystem to enable customers to test their apps on real devices across various regions / OS / versions / networks. Ta3sMobility also supports test on simulation platforms.

In its future releases, Ta3sMobility intends to revolutionize the mobile testing industry by providing an ability to execute the tests on real devices using end user mobiles at night when the device is not being used. Customers pay for execution of test and the device owner compensated for the use of the device.

It is very clear; Ta3sMobility intends to harness the power of crowd-sourced model to reduce delivery costs, optimize the use of existing infrastructure rather than building a huge one and provide customer an end to end mobile test management and execution platform.