Real Estate Company


The Client is a leading online real estate ecosystem company. The company provides Search, analytics, location information and community management tools. It is one of the fastest growing companies with about 5 Million monthly online visits.

Product and Challenge:

With competition all around, the client was releasing new versions of web and mobile product very often. It meant that they had very less time between releases which was impacting the quality and defects were unearthed by customers impacting their brand.

Product was developed by few at the start and documents and traceability was not available.

Solution Offered:

The Client employed Ta3s for come up with solution that can lead them in right direction.

Our management team consulted with various teams within the client and understood the process and current development practices. The report client management included the possible gaps, the process to address it and the tools that can be implemented to make it automated. The management team quickly took corrective actions to ensure that the solution presented by Ta3s was not only deployed but also used in future by all.

A team of dedicated automation testers developed test documents including requirements, test cases and mapped it to priority and severity. They embarked on developing automated test scripts.

Ta3s integrated automated tests with their build system to ensure continuous integration tests were done to improve quality and ensure follow of quality criteria.


Client started seeing better quality product rolled to their customers and the end to end traceability reports ensured that they could go to the root of cause of problems.