Embedded Systems

End to End Embedded Product Validation and Verification Services

Ta3s Product Testing practice provides end-to-end testing services for embedded hardware and software covering a wide range of processors/SOCs, Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS), development platforms, and programming languages.

Our testing services cover all layers in a product including Hardware/ PCB, BSP, Device drivers, Middleware and Applications.

Deep domain experience in automotive, consumer electronics, networking and wireless markets helps us understand test requirements better, evaluate automation possibilities, and develop test benches with maximum reuse.

Work with customer to map requirements, recognize resource fitment, train resources to match to customer needs and process.

          Board / BSP        HAL / Middleware        System
  • Functional Testing
  • Thermal Board Diagnostics
  • File System
  • Interfaces
  • Device Drivers
  • OS Validation
  • Connectivity
  • File System
  • Multimedia Framework
  • Graphic Layer
  • Protocol Stack
  • Feature
  • Conformance
  • Integration
  • Performance
  • Stress
  • Interoperability


  • Management team with more than 100+ project delivery experience
  • Strong organization process to enforce customer confidentiality and ensure employee retention via rewards and recognition
  • Robust HR and recruitment team and process to onboard right attitude and skilled team members
  • Has 25+ years experience in embedded product development and testing
  • Product integration and functionality test with product life cycle management
  • Knowledge in integration of product to processor based on experience in china market
  • Cost Effective
  • High Volume
  • Reduced time to market

Services – Hardware

  • Rich knowledge of processors :
    • Freescale IMX, Marvell PXA,
    • Allwinner A10/A20/A31 , MTK, NuTek
  • Integration and production
    • Cost effective integration and production process knowledge
    • QA Validation and Verification in production process
    • Production line setup for faster delivery to market – Typically takes about 3 months from concept to production delivery
  • Component sourcing
  • Testing and Certifications
    • EMI, EMC, EFT, Vibration / CE Marking / UL / FCC certifications

Services – Software

  • Build and validate drivers
  • Setup and optimize Linux kernel
    • Kernel load time optimization with uncompressed kernel
    • Fast boot time and reduced application load
    • Power optimization / clock scaling / power management / current consumption profiling
    • Time profiling
  • Build and verify BSP / IDE
  • Build structured PLM library to reduce lifecycle cost up to 30%
  • Test process and framework development – Structured CTS testing
  • Test automation
    • Software

Product Experience

  • Core Technical members have experience in designing, developing, manufacturing and shipping over 500k units of tablets, IP TV boxes, protocol converters, Air TV dongle, WiFi modules in volume markets such as India and China
  • 2G / 3G phones using standard modules